K is for Keyboard

6 thoughts on “K is for Keyboard”

  1. I bought the same trackball mouse for work and home which has helped. The ergonomic keyboards are still a bit awkward for me. I may still try one out if my other modifications aren’t enough to ease carpel tunnel. So far I’m OK.

    I see you are easing back on the A to Z challenge. It’s tough; I only did it this year if I pre-posted for the month. Now with writing deadlines, I’m not so swamped. Here’s my A to Z Post on Memorable Characters

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    1. It takes about a day to get used to the angle of most of the ergo keyboards. The Kinesis Advantage is the exception, apparently taking several weeks. I just didn’t like it. For mouse, I use the Apple Magic Mouse. Years ago, I used trackballs and loved them, but now I’m out of the habit and like the touch surface of the mouse. I’m thinking I may give the trackpad another try.

      Sorry I’m only getting to replying now. I was swamped, but now am starting to see some daylight and can start trying to catch up a bit….on my novel. No regrets on quitting A to Z. It was fun at first, but after a while it was getting in the way of my prioritized writing. Thanks for dropping by!


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