Laura Lis Scott

Laura Lis Scott

This is where I write about writing, and sometimes about what I’ve written. I’m keeping this separate from my regular long-standing blog so I can focus on my writing here, and keep the usual tech and miscellaneous stuff over there.

For those who like facts, here are some:

  • I went to The University of Chicago (BA in English) and Columbia University (MFA from School of the Arts). No, I’m not giving the years.
  • I wrote short stories and poetry in my teens, 20s and 30s; none of it has been published. (Actually I never bothered submitting.)
  • I’ve written a number of movie screenplays; none, outside of school projects, have been produced.
  • In the early ’00s I did editing and layout for some independent magazines. Great experience, not so great timing.
  • I worked in video and television for a number of years; that work got supplanted by the next thing….
  • I spent the better part of ten years running a web design/development company.
  • Most of my writing over the past dozen years or so has been blogging. From 2006–2010 I was a Contributing Editor at BlogHer. The rest has been more on the personal side or business side. There’s also been some political blogging, but that was not making me happy at all. ‘Nuff said on that.
  • For all that blogging history, for the past few years, I’ve been a blogger burnout. This site is something of a phoenix blog.
  • Now I am writing fiction again, with an eye towards independent publishing because entrepreneurial habits die hard.
  • My only promise to myself as far as this site is concerned is to keep writing the story, or just keep writing, and let the writing about the writing—let alone the writing about the writing about the writing, which is what this writing is, let’s face it—take care of itself.

Someday I hope to work this all into a beautiful, concise paragraph. Lists are burdens, aren’t they?