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Cold Sake book cover

“Cold Sake”, by Katherine M. Lawrence.

Cold Sake, a novelette by Katherine M. Lawrence. [Kindle. Paperback coming soon.]

In medieval Japan, a young woman samurai traveling alone seeks shelter from the wilderness at the lonely, remote East Wind Inn, scoffing at the rumors that it’s haunted. She’s greeted with warmth, saké, and very welcome hospitality—but as night falls, her mettle is put to the test. She’s 17 years old and new to the warrior’s way of life, yet brashly confident in her ability to take care of herself. But is that enough?

Several women samurai are in the historical record of Heian Japan. Cold Sake introduces us to Yamabuki Takagi, a woman warrior known for her beauty…and skill with blade and bow. In this novelette, we share in Yamabuki’s grit, determination, and empathy when facing forces far beyond mortal powers, yet bound by mortal failings.

I am working with Katherine on a multi-novel saga about Yamabuki.

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