Free Mabel!

To outsiders, Mabel may seem like a nice older “woman who lives next door.” But the redoubtable Mabel is anything but helpless. When a horde of stinging insects invades her space, they experience her wrath. And when they fight back, she responds with indomitable tenacity. My short story “Mabel and the Yellow Jackets” is free—as […]

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What was is no more, though some of it lives on here. If you followed a dead link, try search. Alas, the word press does not provide a means to set up redirects from the old URLs. Apologies, I could not migrate the comments.

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Writing update

I’ve been writing science fiction and a bit of fantasy. One story is out for submission. A couple others I need to look over before sending out. Right now I’m working on a weird transhumanist tale with four-eared humans and eight-legged aliens—which in turn is an interstitial project between rewrites of the epic space opera […]

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I’ll be an entrepreneur … if you pay me to do it.I’ll paint the picture … if you will hang it.I’ll write the book … if you will sell it.I’ll take the test … if you promise to pass me.I’ll take the exam … if it says I am healthy.I’ll tell you I love you […]

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When I saw the news on Twitter that David Bowie had died, I started to cry. It was the middle of the night, but I couldn’t sleep anymore. I tossed and turned with “Heroes” echoing in my head.

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