Nothing that can’t be solved with a little bug spray

A swarm of yellow jackets

When you believe in independent publishing as a political act, start wondering about alternatives to sending out that odd, non-genre 5200-word short story for more submissions—especially to pubs with loooonnnnngggg response times. Especially when you have all the knowhow to publish a valid and properly formatted ebook. Especially when you think the story really is actually pretty fun. Especially when you have the fabulous Katherine M. Lawrence editing.

So you decide to throw it out there, and if nobody reads it, nothing lost since nobody already was reading it. Or nobody already wasn’t reading it. (I know what you mean.)

Book cover, Mabel and the Yellow Jackets, by Laura Lis Scott, with an illustrated yellow jacket against a black background

It’s on Kindle Unlimited right now, so it’s effectively free for subscribers. (Otherwise it’s a whopping 99 cents.) After the 90 days’ exclusive, it will go out to the other ebook platforms.

[Still sending out the science fiction and fantasy stories. For now, that’s all she wrote about writing and such.]

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Laura Lis Scott is a professional book designer and editor with over 25 years’ experience. She is publisher of Toot Sweet Ink, an independent press. She also provides book design and editing services for independent publishers and authors. You can check out Laura’s book design and editing work at Book Love Space.

As an author, Laura has written for BlogHer, MediaGirl, and corporate clients. She has ghostwritten four fiction books (novellas and novels). Her own fiction has been published in Story Seed Vault and by Toot Sweet Ink. She currently writes science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary fiction.

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