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The Blogging A to Z Challenge: Blog every day in April, except Sundays, each day dedicated to a letter.

When your days are not your own, it’s just a little bit audacious to take on a daily blogging challenge. But you only live once. I’ve decided to give it a shot.
No, I have no idea what I’m going to write about. That’s not for lack of trying, though. I made a list. It’s not a very good list, though; I think I’m going to have to just wing it for some days. I’m going to try to make the posts interesting, at least—more so than this navel-gazing you’re reading right now. My hope is that, by the end of the challenge, I’ll have reached a kind of zen blogging state. I may have to settle for a zed.

0 thoughts on “A to Z is for Audacity to Zen”

  1. Love that–audacity to zen. Good idea, though, pre-brainstorming a list. I’ll have to try that, too. I have no doubt that things will come, even if I “pants” it, but it might be nice to have some thoughts to choose from.

      1. Hahahaha! Yes, I could see myself doing something like that. But I would hope that the exercise of freewriting might unearth something worth not deleting.


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