BWhat do you do when you’re blocked? I freewrite. That’s what I am doing here. I just keep my fingers going, typing on the keyboard, spitting out words, not stopping for anything. I don’t kow what my next sentence is so I keep typing. Why am I blocked? Why? There are a lot of B topics I could blog about. I could blog about blogging. I could blog about beauty. Or bitchiness. Or bits. Or brandy. Or bugger. Or bollocks—

Don’t the Brits have great swear words? So arcane, so bizarre, so regional. So rude. And yet with their accents they come off as being polite even when they’re describing animal testicles.

It was Writing With Power, by Peter Elbow, where I learned about freewriting and the act of separating the Creator within from the Editor within. You see, if your inner editor is too powerful, too ascendent, then nothing you write will be any good and your editor will have you deleting what you write long before any blue pencil could be brought into action. It’s the separation of the processes that is the key. Writing. Then Editing. Not both at the same time. Otherwise it’s like driving with your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time. Or trying to–never mind, I was going into some bathroom analogy that would be inappropriate for this venue.

Anyway, where was I? I was wondering what to write next. I have no idea so I’ll just keep going if you don’t mind. After all, if you get bored you can just click away. Amazingly foolish, that last sentence, actually asking you to click away. Not very wise of me, is it? But hey. What can I say? I’m freewriting. This is the uncensored truth. Or at least the unedited truth. Or at least the unedited blathering on of someone who was feeling blocked on this letter of the A to Z Challenge.

I mean, when you think about it, I’m in trouble if I have to resort to freewriting on only the second letter of the alphabet. I mean, how hard is B, anyway? It’s not like it’s X or something.

X. That will be a hard one. Most of the X words that come to mind actually use X as a word in some silly, colloquial way, like “X marks the spot” or “X Men,” where X means just a mark on a map indicating a point at the vertex of the two lines, or extraordinary, respectively.

So back to the freewriting. If I get stuck on F I’m not going to be able to go here again. That would be rather redundant, wouldn’t it?

Lest I bore, I’m going to stop bitching about Brits and bits and buggers and go have a glass of brandy, so that I can sit in the comfort of my home and think about all the things I could’ve blogged instead of this.

0 thoughts on “B is for Blocked”

  1. Oh, hon, I understand! But freewriting is the perfect tool for this kind of gap, and look–you still wrote today. Diana Glyer, writer and professor, talks about how you have to treat your writing ideas and your drafting stages as if they were little puppies hiding beneath the sofa, and if you kick them with your editor boots, they’ll run back underneath and hide and be hesitant to come out again. The writer hat is soft and floppy and allows the wearer to practice compassion with herself.
    P.S. Great alliteration in the last paragraph! LOL!

  2. Free writing can produce some good stuff. This was a fun post to read, and you convinced me to stay until you were done! Wish I were joining you on your A-Z challenge, but I will have to enjoy being a reader of all of the fun!

  3. How could you know, Laura, that I’m sitting here, staring at the laptop, burned down to the socket after a full day in the classroom. The blog post for tomorrow is done, but I’m tired, facing the Camp NaNo 700 words. Heartened by your post, I’m going to open that NaNo file and do what I know I should do … which is to freewrite.
    I began teaching this concept to my writing students two years ago, using a kitchen timer. Ten minutes, no stopping, no backtracking. The quality of their finished work did not merely improve, it jumped off the scale.
    Thanks for the encouragement to let go and write. The more we do, the better our off-the-cuff writing becomes. I saw no blathering in what you wrote. It was more like sitting around your kitchen table. We don’t edit what we say, after all …


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