This little gem turned up as the top video in Technorati this morning.

Hardcore fans will recognize the episodes, but compiling it all here adds a new dimension of whimsical fun. Do I really think Star Trek: TOS has a “hidden homosexual agenda”? Of course not. (I hope not. William Shatner is just too cute in the 1960s.)

But given Paramount’s tassled-loafer inspiration of re-doing all the special effects in the classic series, they’re almost begging for slashy take-offs. If they don’t respect their own cultural treasures, why should anyone else?

Meanwhile, regarding the rumors of William Shatner’s participation in a rumored Star Trek prequel, TrekWeb quotes “Bill Shatner” from

“I know nothing except that where there’s rumblings there’s gas, and in this case the gas is coming from J.J. Abrams and none of it seems to be directed in my direction. If any gas comes my way, I will post it immediately and you all will know. Until then, hold your breath – because this gas is odiferous.”

On that movie, Lance Mannion has an interesting take – except for the part about Leonardo DiCaprio as Christopher Pike. Noooooo! The star of The Beach should stay far away from Star Fleet Academy (though maybe he’d be okay as a Romulan).