Piggies are for saving!

My piggy is Instapaper, Pinboard and Evernote, where I bookmark all the things that my ADD head says, “Oh I’ll want to read this later.” But when does later come? I think it’s tomorrow, and when I realize that, I figure heck! What was I worried about? I can look at that tomorrow? So when does tomorrow actually arrive? And then I realize that it never comes. (!!!!!) And so I go look at the content I want in my piggy, and it bleeds into my browser…slowly, oh so slowly, and I curse Comcast and I open a new tab and go to Feedly while I’m waiting to see what new might be there, and oh there is! So I start reading there and bookmark the interesting bits to Instapaper, Pinboard and Evernote….

And then I open a tab to Facebook…which does not allow piggies, where content floats by like cottonwood puffs on the wind and I watch it flit this way and that, and I say, “Oh, that’s pretty!” and then it’s gone, and piggies aren’t allowed, no, I’m not supposed to remember, I’m not supposed to save these puffs, because there are more puffs, new puffs and old puffs that whirled around and came back again all on their own, and I must now see those now because I must not, may not, cannot save any for tomorrow.

For there is no tomorrow on Facebook. There are no piggies allowed.