This blog has been too quiet. I’ve been typing words elsewhere. This changes now.

So a couple of years ago I wrote my first novel

It was intended to be a comedic political satire. Many of my readers liked it. Some didn’t. One or two just didn’t get it. As I learned from one of my editors, comedy is a matter of taste (or lack thereof). I had no perspective on the text, and life at that moment was getting a bit too interesting, so I put the manuscript into the metaphorical drawer for a while, shifted gears, and wrote a science fiction adventure (which is another story—more on that soon).

Now here we are in a political season that, at the very least, redefines “weird” and “outrageous” on an almost daily basis. Some of the most ridiculous farcical events in my novel have come to pass in real life. Satire became documentary.

A little bit of crazy

Thanks to encouragement from some friends, or perhaps an innate recklessness on my part, I decided to revisit that novel, spruce it up, hack off some bits, build up some others, and release it as each section is completed.

Crazy idea? Of course it is! But it beats yelling at the television.

Cover reveal in the next few days. (Newsletter subscribers get first peek at everything.)