My new book.
My new book.

So this happened this week. The book (as in my book) is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. (Other ebook platforms to come later.)

I’ve actually been in something of a state about this all month. And last month, too. As a classic Type B personality, I tend not to show it. I didn’t even see it, myself. Not very observant of me, was it?

I’m not very good at touting myself. This entire blog post feels something akin to going to the dentist. (Did you ever have horrific dentist experiences? My childhood dentist believed that baby teeth didn’t have nerves and thus didn’t need novocaine. Wasn’t that lovely? Imagine my shock when my family moved and my new dentist did this little “pinch and a squeeze” on my teeth—a clever way to distract me from the fact that he was jabbing my gums with a big-ass needle—and he was able to drill without causing pain.)

This book (as in my book) is obviously part of a series. (The “Book One” on the cover is the giveaway.) I like to think of it as a seri_al_. I’m not sure what the difference is, except an epic like Game of Thrones is a series, and this book (as in my book) has no iron throne or dragons or dwarfs or undead zombies (except metaphorically)—though it does have a few lying, cheating, scheming, conniving weaselly bastards, insufferable self-righteous prigs, cold-blooded opportunists, vengeful twits, and a smart, high-minded but inexperienced strong woman at the center.

Oh, and there’s no wall (yet).

And nobody rises from the dead (except certain idolized politicians).

What is this book (as in my book) about?

Melody Baker needs a job.

She gets one as a parlor maid in a mansion–actually, a castle. Does she know what she’s doing? Of course not.

She has to deal with entitled aristocrats, Washington wonks, delusional dilettantes, a chauvinistic charlatan, and myriad other odd birds who dominate this new world in which Melody is a stranger.

But she’s smart. She even has a PhD.

And that’s important, because her new boss is an eccentric billionaire who has political plans and she’s going to need to think fast in order to survive as…

The Candidate’s Maid: A Spy in Stilettos (A Comedy of Manners, Politics, and Sex)