I’ve been writing science fiction and a bit of fantasy. One story is out for submission. A couple others I need to look over before sending out. Right now I’m working on a weird transhumanist tale with four-eared humans and eight-legged aliens—which in turn is an interstitial project between rewrites of the epic space opera I’ve been reworking for a couple of years now. (I think it’s close.)

Some people have asked me about the next Maid book. I’m not sure how to answer. November 8th changed everything. It certainly changed the political landscape. The themes of the Maid books, especially those not yet published, thrust right into thicket of nonsense dominating headlines today. So not only am I, like most people in the world, still trying to absorb and adapt to what has happened in real life, I find myself needing to let the rest of the story sit and percolate a bit. It may be a while. TBA.