How do you stream?

I’ve been leery of all the subscription services. I keep seeing reports of how Apple messes with your purchased library. Pandora won’t let you choose what songs to listen to (unless they changed that). And the ’zon seems to have too much market leverage to be healthy for creators over the long run (a self-0interest concern).

But I also need a usable way to discover new music. How do you stream?

I’ve been playing with Prime Music, which comes with Prime, no extra charge. The iOS app is maybe the best music app I’ve tried, and I do love how they do the x-ray lyrics, which are available on most songs. Perfectly timed, cleanly handled—a feature that helps this white girl especially with singing/voice buried under instruments (I tend to lose voices in noisy environments) and/or in dialects outside my mainstreamed white experience. (Loving Rihanna atm). It’s awesome that music publishers are working this feature. Prime doesn’t include everything, but it has a lot of albums and select cuts. Unlimited unlocks all the music supposedly. Prime’s UX nearly has me convinced. Torn.

What do you listen with? How do you stream?