Photo of two old books seen edge-on with very soiled pages

Watch out for poisonous books

Though unless you’re a historian with access to rare book archives, you’re probably in the clear. We found that three rare books on various historical topics in the University of Southern Denmark’s library collection contain large concentrations of arsenic on their covers. The books come from the 16th and 17th centuries. — Read on

 · Laura Lis Scott

Facebook will remind you how fucked up you are and also try to make money off of it.

Because Facebook wants you to be dysfunctional.

 · Laura Lis Scott

E is for Education

“The problem with the School of Hard Knocks,” they say, “is that the final exam comes first, and then the lesson comes after.” I am a student of this school. No, don’t ask for an ID card. No cards are necessary in this school. We enroll ourselves, and if we flunk, that’s on us. How do you flunk? You fail to learn the lesson. What about the exam, you ask?...

 · Laura Lis Scott
a desktop with a computer and papers

As I was tweeting to St. Ives

Seven years ago I signed up for Twitter. It was different back then, not the spammy marketing-dominated firehose it has become today. Back then it had more of a community feel. We were still figuring out what Twitter was, what it could be. People on the outside would sneer at us. “I don’t care what you had for breakfast!” As if that really was what most fascinates geeks. No, people just didn’t grok Twitter....

 · Laura Lis Scott
painting of small boat about to be drowned in a huge wave

The wave

It’s coming.

 · Laura Lis Scott