B is for Blocked

What do you do when you’re blocked? I freewrite. That’s what I am doing here. I just keep my fingers going, typing on the keyboard, spitting out words, not stopping for anything. I don’t kow what my next sentence is so I keep typing. Why am I blocked? Why? There are a lot of B topics I could blog about. I could blog about blogging. I could blog about beauty....

 · Laura Lis Scott

A mentor by any other name

Who decides who’s a mentor? Today in a Facebook writing group I saw someone talk about how the “mentors” have come to the group to teach and impart wisdom. Who are these mentors? By the statement to this group, the mentors are the ones who’ve decided to mentor others. To me, there’s a distinction between a teacher and a mentor. A mentor is more than a teacher. A mentor is almost a friend....

 · Laura Lis Scott