The original cover with a photo of Mabel and yellow jackets crawling over her and her dishes

Don’t mess with Mabel

“Mabel and the Yellow Jackets” could be a great name for a punk band, but I put down my electric bass years ago. No, this is a 5,200-word tale about a woman fighting a kind of home invasion. Some of it could be construed as horror perhaps, but don’t worry. Mabel will protect you.

Cropped-in detail illustration of woman looking at us, from cover of planned book 5 of The Candidate's Maid, by Laura Lis Scott

Books in my shadow

Everything ground to a halt. I was stunned and disheartened. The last thing I could do was laugh at the absurd toxicity of our politics.

Photo of woman gazing up with hundreds of books on shelves above her

Other authors are not your competition

Readers buy books all the time. Rare is the person who says, “I shall buy one and only one book this decade!” No, readers buy more than one book.

Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash

Watch out for poisonous books

If you care about history, when handling precious old print books and documents you wear gloves (not cotton) to protect it from your skin oils. Now here’s another reason.

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