HIt’s one thing to know formal English, but this is not all that’s required for the subtleties of communication. Consider these monosyllabic grunts—and their variants—that begin with H:

  • Ha! (That’s funny!)
  • Ha! (I don’t believe you.)
  • Ha! (Go away, critter!)
  • Aha! (I see!)
  • Ha–ha! (That’s very funny!)
  • Ha–ha! (That is not funny.)
  • He… (Who?)
  • He (Helium)
  • HECKa–BBBBBB! (I’m making a hip TV reference you probably don’t get.)
  • Hee! (Made me giggle.)
  • Hee–hee! (That’s funny.)
  • Heeeeyahhh! (I didn’t really want to be President)
  • Tee–hee! (I want you to think that I think that’s funny.)
  • Hee Haw(How old are you?)
  • Hey–hey! (I have arrived, and I have a tattoo.)
  • Hi! (Hi.)
  • High. (Probably best not to drive.)
  • Hi ho! (Don’t say more or you’ll get a DMCA notice.)
  • Hmmm…. (I’m not sure about that.)
  • Ho! (“Whoah,” but more indignant.)
  • Ho Ho’s (Yum!)
  • Ho Ho Ho! (Fat man in red suit coming.)
  • Ho–ho–ho! (Did you eat your peas?)
  • Ho-ho-ho! Hee-hee-hee! Ha-ha-ha! (I am the walrus.)
  • Hoo! (Small mammals, watch out!)
  • Hoo–hooo! (Small mammals, seriously, pay attention here.)
  • Hooray! (I am now cheering for you.)
  • Huh! (I see.)
  • Huh? (WTF?)
  • Huh uh (My answer is “no,” but I don’t want to say the word.)
  • Huh huh huh! (That’s funny!)
  • Huzzah! (Hooray [in some retro-ironic kind of way]!)
  • Hwahhh! (I know kung fu!)
  • Hyeeahh!! (I like pretending to know kung fu!)
  • Hyohhh–oh! Yo–ee–oh! (Stay away, airborne monkeys!)

Did I miss any?

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