The place: The Facebook website thingie.
The time: A moment of weakness (escaping from my manuscript).
The assignment: “Exercise!!! 250-500-100 words (some kind of narrative). No “to be” verbs!”
The inspiration: This great photo….
My jotted whatnot:

Without Sole

Has anyone seen my sneakers? They walked off with my soul, and now I wander the earth, barefoot and in mourning, experiencing a life bereft of meaning.
Who knew shoes could take so much merely through their absence? Those soul-stealing soles completed me. Betrayers!
Tomorrow I have a date with a pair of sandals. In my younger days, I feared them. I thought they would tie me down. Those doubts plague me still.
Enough! No more whining! I shall pick myself up by my bootstraps—
Now where did THEY run off to?
—LLS, June 2014

Placed here for posterity. Now back to real stuff.


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