0 thoughts on “J is for Jot”

  1. I used to keep all my story ideas spinning in my head. Nowadays I’m busier–and older–and I forget something almost as quickly as I think it. So I jot.
    And I find that as I keep writing ideas down, my creative mind has room for more, because I get new ideas. Weird how that works.

    1. Jotting might work for me better than journaling. I’m going to think about that. I have a little book I could use for jotting, and I was just saying on another post, I don’t journal because I can’t read it because I try to write too fast. Jotting might work for me. Thanks. And one day I will learn to keep my posts as short as yours. One of few words has many friends and readers. A made-up quote by me!

      1. For me, jotting and journaling are different. Jotting is making a note to myself not to forget something. Journaling is more of a reflection process, and while in a way it’s a letter to myself later in life, I may never see the entry again. The writing of the journal is the journal.
        I was pretty jammed for time. That’s why that post was so short (and why it took me a month to reply)! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I find that between writing and work (and age?) I can get pretty stressed multitasking, and then I have no memory. I need to jot things down. Years ago it was a legal pad. Now I try to keep a steno pad nearby. Smaller. Easier to stash in my purse.