I haven’t been blogging the A to Z Challenge these past few days because they were blocking me from getting the necessary things done—namely writing my novel, editing Kate‘s novels, and preparing books for publishing (and other life obligations).
PI’ve been blogging for well over a decade, and love it. I’m not stopping blogging altogether. It’s just that, given the day job, trying to wedge in the A to Z Challenge as well was turning out to be a burden. I have to focus on priorities.
So no more A to Z, unless serendipitous Muse comes for a visit. Thank you, everyone who stopped by and commented. I hope to see you again.

0 thoughts on “P is for Priorities”

  1. Good for you for making the choices you need to in your life. There was another of the A-Z bloggers who felt the same, yet in her own way, she had actually already completed the letters in a list. Do what you need to for you, and drop in and let us know when you do have posts for us to keep in touch with you through.

  2. Interesting challenge though I understand your decision to not finish it. I think challenges like this are great when bloggers need inspiration for posts but if you’ve got a novel to write that’s your heart and you’ve got to follow it. Best of luck to you.

  3. I don’t know how you got to P! It’s busy enough doing 26 posts in 26 days, but I understand you also have to visit a zillion other blogs daily. So happy I stuck with my normal routine!


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