Pale Klingon asks What must I sacrifice? From TV show Discovery.

How not to blog

Do as I do: Cover a wide variety of topics. Post sporadically. Write various lengths, from quick dashed-off notions to long think pieces. Get personal one post, professional the next. Take long breaks. Give people the strong impression that your mind runs all over the place. I’m trying to do better, but blogging is not in even the top five of my daily A tasks. Therefore I’m doomed. Don’t be like me!...

 · Laura Lis Scott
a desktop with a computer and papers

As I was tweeting to St. Ives

Seven years ago I signed up for Twitter. It was different back then, not the spammy marketing-dominated firehose it has become today. Back then it had more of a community feel. We were still figuring out what Twitter was, what it could be. People on the outside would sneer at us. “I don’t care what you had for breakfast!” As if that really was what most fascinates geeks. No, people just didn’t grok Twitter....

 · Laura Lis Scott

There’s a chimp on my platform

MailChimp is one of the good guys of the online marketing services. Photo: aka Brent (Creative Commons) Every now and then, I do a little bit to build my “author platform.” Today I signed up for MailChimp and configured my newsletter, to which people can now subscribe! I don’t actually know what I would say in a newsletter, but I figure when I have a book coming out or something, this will be useful....

 · Laura Lis Scott