No, NoNaNo

I am not participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Last year, I took some rather timid steps into NaNoWriMo — which is to say I signed up on the site. I didn’t provide a name (Did I want to use a pseudonym?) or project title (Which did I want to write?). I did, however, start writing. I did not reach the officially sanctioned 50,000-word target, but I did put down some 7,000 words or so....

 · Laura Lis Scott


Its done! Not done done, but done—a “first draft.” Not an actual first draft—I revised it so many times I lost count —but it’s the first I actually sent to anyone who wasn’t a friend or alpha reader. Now I wait. And start on the next book, which is going to be something completely different. Different genre. Different “person.”

 · Laura Lis Scott