How to translate New Year’s Resolutions into actions

Resolution time. It’s the occasion to institute changes. Or at least resolve to change. It doesn’t always work out, does it? The diet gets dropped. The fingernails get bitten. The cigarettes get smoked. The exercise gets blown off. And that’s that. Right? Maybe not. If you’ve ever had trouble shaking an addiction or behavior that ends up not serving your needs, you might find some hope (and results) in this analysis of addictive behavior, courtesy of Hyrum Smith, founder and creator of the Franklin planning system....

 · Laura Lis Scott

The anti-priority dogma—er, canon—of GTD and OmniFocus

So I’ve been playing with OmniFocus alpha to see if it can work for me as a personal productivity/task manager, but as I noted before, the system lacks a way to prioritize tasks. It seems rather obvious to me that you want to identify the important must-do items before you start filling in your day. I could spend all day answering the phone, reading and writing emails, catching up on my feeds, having meetings, doing conference calls … and not getting done the things that need to get done....

 · Laura Lis Scott