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As I was tweeting to St. Ives

Seven years ago I signed up for Twitter. It was different back then, not the spammy marketing-dominated firehose it has become today. Back then it had more of a community feel. We were still figuring out what Twitter was, what it could be. People on the outside would sneer at us. “I don’t care what you had for breakfast!” As if that really was what most fascinates geeks. No, people just didn’t grok Twitter....

 · Laura Lis Scott

Apps that make the iPhone and iPod touch game-changers in tech

The introduction of apps have changed the iPhone into more than a phone with a touchscreen. The online world changed for me this year. I discovered the handheld — or rather what the handheld promises to be. I had a Palm 700p before. It was a good phone. Qwerty keyboard. Great reception. Worked just about anywhere. But after more than 2 years with the Palm, I just had to try the iPhone, the multitouch interface, the motion sensor....

 · Laura Lis Scott