A Spy in Stilettos introduces us to Melody Baker, an unemployed woman in New York City. She has a PhD in English, huge student debt, and no prospects, so out of desperation she applies for a position upstate as a research assistant. But she finds herself in an unexpected role in the middle of a political campaign scheme rooted in old money, eccentric aristocrats, and absurdly horrible collaborators.

The Colonel’s Secret Service raises the stakes as the campaign gets into full swing.

These books are the first two of five parts of a novel, The Candidate’s Maid. I suspended work on the series after the 2016 election. I blogged about this experience here.


Science Fiction and Fantasy

Flash fiction is still kind of a new thing for me. This little ditty — “The Sexbot” — is my first fiction to be accepted and published by a paying publication. My deep gratitude goes out to Alex Jane Massey, Editor of Story Seed Vault.

Nearly all of what I write falls into science fiction, fantasy, or horror. I regularly submit the short stories I like to pro and semipro science fiction and fantasy journals. And when the rejections come back, I send the stories back out again elsewhere. Sometimes I rewrite them in between. Any good news I will link to here.

Contemporary Women’s Fiction

“Mabel and the Yellow Jackets” is a 5,200-word tale about an older woman fighting a kind of home invasion. (This may sound like horror, and maybe there is a bit of that, but don’t worry, Mabel will protect you.

A request

If you like a story—any story, not just mine—you can truly help that writer by posting a review. On Amazon, Goodreads, your own blog, it doesn’t matter. It helps the story get noticed by other readers who may like it.

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